Dragt Construction - San Angelo Custom Homes

685 W Ratliff Rd
San Angelo, TX 76904

Dragt Construction – San Angelo Custom Homes

Dragt (pronounced “Drawt”) Construction is a family owned construction company operating in San Angelo and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our extensive building portfolio with over 40 years of combined experience and over 800 homes built. Dragt Construction is dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you or your business are in need of a rental property, custom home, or commercial building, Dragt Construction is here to deliver results.

Recent technological advances in the oil and gas industry, mainly in the field of hydro-fracturing, are bringing more businesses as well as people to the San Angelo area. This has caused a dramatic shortage in the number of homes, rental properties, and commercial properties available on the market. We currently have lots that are “build ready” or can build on any existing lots located in the area. We work closely with local Real Estate companies as well as a number of current sub dividers in the area to help locate the perfect site for your family or business. Contact Brandie at Dragt Construction today to see what options are best for you or your business.

Call 325-651-5794 now to set up an appointment!

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